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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

ok..nak cuti..nak nonton...walaupun kena gelak

walaupun kena gelak ngn sang suami saya.. saya nak bwk gak die nonton cite ni

Release Date:01 Dec 2011
Running Time:2 hours 5 minutes
Director:Osman Ali
Cast:Maya Karin, Aaron Aziz, Lisa Surihani
Izzah a simple kampong teacher is sold to a brothel by her uncle on
the pretext that they need money for her Aunt's surgery.
Her first customer is Rich playboy Harriz whom she begs to
marry her and take her out of the rat hole. He marries her,
brings her home, the only good deed he has done in a long time.
Unknowingly he falls in love with her, and wants to break his
engagement to childhood family friend Mila, but due to family
pressure has to marry Mila. Thus begins the triangle of a saga
which entangles three lives into a myriad of emotions.